🕵️ Calling all Hunnies 🕵️

We are pleased to announce that the Hunnyplay Referral Program is now live!


HunnyPlay is launching a unique referral program, start inviting your friends to play and when they win, you earn as well! So it’s a win-win scenario for all.  

How is it calculated? 

1.5% x your referral’s winnings x house edge. 

House edge is estimated at 3.33%. 

How is it unique?

First of its kind in the entire gaming scene! You are able to share the referral commissions with your friends. You can select if you want the full commission or share it with your referrals. 

E.g. Commission at 1.5%. I can choose to have 1% and share 0.5% with my referral. 

With this, you’re able to create your own campaigns with a unique referral link for your own various sources of marketing channels. We provide promotional materials for you here, share them easily on your preferred social media!

How often is the payout?

You will receive your commissions instantly, whenever your referrals win, you will earn! Earn in the respective coins used by your referrals.

Create campaigns, bring more referrals and get bonuses for
every win they play!

Ways to increase the number of your referrals:

📣 Share the referral link on your social media posts (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram bio, Weibo, VK, Telegram, Discord, WeChat, and so on);

📣 Invite friends via forums;

📣 Make reviews on YouTube and insert the link in the description;

📣 Use promo materials (https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1pTW_Mc0CcRQwzK6x3pLmxoDdgMley0eC?usp=sharing) to attract more people.

Refer – Play – Win – Repeat!

Be sure to check out our Cashback program as well. When you lose, you win cashback! Everyone always wins something in HunnyPlay! 

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